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Bibliographies in three areas: statistics, sampling, forestry & ecology. All are downloadable pdf documents.

These bibliographies are updated on an irregular basis. We appreciate being notified via email to Timothy G. Gregoire  of entries that should be added to any bibliography.

        Statistics             Sampling  Forestry & Ecology topics
Bioequivalence Boundary Overlap Biomass
Count Data Line Intersect Competition
Ecological Regression Ratio Estimators Diameter Distributions
Errors in Variables Sample Size Determination Even-aged Growth and Yield
Mixed Models Sampling with Partial Replacement Site Index/Site Quality
Multiple Comparisons Systematic Sampling Taper and Form
Power-Type II Error Horvitz & Thompson estimation Volume Equations
Statistical Inference Brewer Categorical data in forestry
Truncated and Censored Data Calibration and weighting estimators Diversity and diversity index
Box Cox transformation N-tree sampling Height-DBH
Weighted distributions PointPPS-Point3P Top height
Bootstrap Point sampling  
Heterocedasticity Ranked set sampling  
Jack-knife Spatial sampling  
Non-linear regression    
Seemingly unrelated regression    
System of equations    
Two-phase change-point models    
Log transformation    
Mixed Estimator Kalman Filter    

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