Lewis R. Grosenbaugh Memorial Library at Yale

Following the passing of Lewis R. Grosenbaugh in April 2003, his professional library was donated by his widow, Wilma, to Professor Timothy G. Gregoire of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, from which Lew received his MF in 1936. These materials consist of original copies of correspondence, research notes, drafts of articles and other manuscripts that he authored, and the books that he had retained following his retirement from the U. S. Forest Service.

These materials are displayed in a glass-fronted cabinet in the second floor of Marsh Hall, the original home of the forestry school at Yale. The correspondence, manuscripts and research notes will be scanned and stored as pdf documents, and uploaded to http://research.yale.edu/environment/biometrics/lrgml/

The title of each pdf document will suffice to indicate its contents. For documents that are compilations of other documents, there will be an accompanying pdf that displays a Table of Contents. For example, the document Prism_correspondence.pdf is a compilation of 27 letters and memos regarding the manufacture of wedge prisms for use in horizontal point sampling. The file Prism_correspondence_ToC.pdf identifies each piece of correspondence and the pages within the pdf file containing it.

Please send suggestions as well as reports of errors and broken links to Timothy G. Gregoire.

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