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The contents of all 45 issues of Info Resource Inventory Notes (1975-1976), Resource Inventory Notes (1976-1980), and Resources Evaluation Newsletter (1980-1981) have been scanned into pdf documents and are available for public downloading below.

Resource Inventory Notes 1975-1976 | 1976-1980
Resources Evaluation Newsletter 1980-1981

These contents are listed by issue, author, and title. All three series of notes, which until now had been available only in the original paper format, were originated by Gyde Lund as a service to the resource inventory community and were early precursors to the present electronic newsletter Forest Information Update (FIU). Many of the articles in INFO, RIN and REN are still applicable today.

The USFS State and Private Northeast Area issued Info Resource Inventory Notes between 1975 and 1976 to serve as a place to exchange ideas on field and office inventory techniques. It was a follow-up to an older USFS newsletter Forest Control by Continuous Forest Inventory. In 1976, Lund transferred to the USDI Bureau of Land Management and continued to produce Resource Inventory Notes (RIN), but with the BLM logo. In 1979, Gyde transferred to Ft. Collins, Colorado as part of a multi-agency Resource Evaluation Techniques (RET) program and started producing the Resources Evaluation Newsletter (REN). This replaced RIN and was expanded to cover land classification, remote sensing and data analysis as well as inventory techniques. REN continued until the RET program closed in 1982.

From 1982- 1996, under the editorship of Gyde, the International Union of Forestry Research Organization Subject Group 4.02 began issuing its own newsletter, which incorporated many of the items found in REN and RIN. All of these past newsletters were in hardcopy. Two years after retiring from the federal service, Lund started producing the electronic newsletter Forest Information Update (FIU) in March 1999. Back issues of FIU may be found at

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